Conquer Your Fitness Goals From Home: Busy Woman Guide's 8-Week Program for a one time payment of just $49.50!

Are you a busy woman juggling work, family, and life, leaving your fitness goals feeling forgotten? We've got your back! The Busy Woman Guide's 8-Week Home Program is designed specifically for you: the busy woman who wants results without sacrificing precious time or convenience.


  • Flexible At Home Training Plan

    • 4-day full-body, low-impact workouts designed for maximum efficiency and minimal stress on your joints.
    • Minimal equipment needed: just dumbbells, resistance bands, and a sturdy piece of furniture (all available at Kmart for under $100!).
    • Daily step target to keep you moving throughout the day.
    • Progressive overload: your workouts will gradually increase in difficulty to keep challenging you.
    • Track your progress: easily track your exercises and progress through our user-friendly app.
    • Swap exercises: customize your workouts by swapping exercises within the app to fit your needs and preferences.
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  • Expert Support and Community

    • Dedicated WhatsApp group: connect and motivate each other with fellow BWG members.
    • Expert-led video instruction: get clear guidance on each exercise through our app's video library.
    • Program support: get answers to your questions and support from our team.
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  • Fun and Rewarding Experience

    • Win prizes! Submit your "Day 1 Transformation" photos for a chance to win protein powder or personalized coaching!
    • Most active WhatsApp member: the member who contributes the most to the group wins a month's supply of our favorite protein powder.
    • Best transformation: showcase your amazing progress and win 8 weeks of personalized coaching with us!
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Who are we?

We are Nat & Keira, qualified sport’s Nutritionists and Physiotherapists. We provide a comprehensive female transformation coaching service.

We are results driven - this is not limited to tangible measurement and scale weight progress but we also help our clients FEEL better. Our transformations are from the inside out!

Meet Coach Keira

Keira is no stranger to problem-solving, self-discipline and clear communication. Not only is she a senior fire-fighter, she’s also a busy mum to two children. And having trained throughout both pregnancies and post-partum, Keira’s highly experienced in the nutrition and training alterations required during these life stages.

Keira has a degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Certificate IV in Fitness and is a qualified Sports Nutritionist. But she’s also an athlete and has trained for triathlons at an elite level, representing Australia internationally at the World Championship Series races.

We think it’s fair to say: Keira is more than qualified to help you achieve your goals.

Meet Coach Natalie

She’s the queen of multi-tasking. As a busy mum to four kids (all under nine), Natalie understands the importance of prioritising yourself after children and has developed tools and techniques to maintain her fitness, while being a hands-on Mum at the same time. And she’s passionate about helping others do the same.

Nat has her Certificate IV in Fitness and is a qualified Sports Nutritionist. She also has a strong belief that you don’t have to jump on fad diets or miss out on life to achieve long-term results. And that you shouldn’t have to obsess over your nutrition targets or training program to achieve your goals.

Now Nat wants to show you how to achieve your goals for good without compromising your lifestyle.

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